“Located on the south coast of the island of São Miguel, the WHITE operates from an old manor house. History has it that this was a holiday home that was part of a wine production estate. The WHITE has preserved the features of the Azorean vernacular architecture of the building, while transforming it into a genuine and unique space in the region. Let yourself be enchanted by the perfect retreat.”

The White Exclusive Suites and Villas is one of our favorite hotels in the Azores (and in Portugal). The property itself is simply stunning, with unique characteristics of the traditional architecture of the island. The hotel is small and private, set in a beautiful place, in front of the ocean. It has a modern and luxurious design, yet very laidback and stylish. The level of service is great, but very discreet, giving all the privacy guests need. This is the perfect property for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway.
Transportation (either a car rental or preorganized transportation services) will be necessary during your stay there.



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