“Designed last century, during the reign of King Carlos I, the Vidago Palace Hotel was opened for the first time in 1910! With distinction, as one of the Leading Hotels of the World, the hundred-year old Palace now provides a luxury service of excellence and comfort. Inside the hotel, you are invited to enjoy one of the 70 magnificent Rooms & Suites, to savor the gastronomy of the majestic Grand Ballroom and to relax in the modern Thermal Spa, where the mineral water of Vidago – recognized for its exceptional therapeutic qualities – reigns supreme!
In the park, the 18-hole Gold Course is ideal for a few rounds. Lastly, take a trip through this enchanted universe with a visit to the traditional springs or a bicycle ride along the many trails that provide a fantastic opportunity to observe the local wildlife. Discover the Vidago Palace Hotel – a hidden place in the woods!”

At Vidago Palace you will feel as if you belong to older times. Get to know the history of this place as you explore the area its located in. Combine your experience with the hotel services and facilities for a unique stay.



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