“It is not just a Hotel. It’s a farm that has been transformed, maintaining its welcoming root of a Douro home. A place used to warmly welcome anyone that arrives here: be it for work, passing by, or staying longer.
The offer extends from single activities and short visits, to a full experience prepared for those who wish to stay longer.
The various buildings of the Quinta were renewed, maintaining their original features, staying true to their origin and respecting the existing landscape.
We invite you to observe the routines of this Quinta, to explore our gastronomy
Or simply to walk through the trails and observe the diversity of fauna and flora that surround you.
To all of those staying with us, we have the purpose of offering the best possible experience of the Douro Valley through the eyes of Ventozelo.
Whatever the duration of your visit, we will make the best to provide you the most pleasant experience.”

The carefully thought decoration and the location of Ventozelo Hotel & Quinta will take you through an unforgettable experience. Enjoy your stay with the hotel services and facilities as you explore this region.



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