“Whether you`re aiming to learn about the local history or to experience a more contemporaneous approach, both options will inspire you to stay in this magical environment filled with knowledge, being limited only by your imagination.
You can choose to stay in the old part of the convent, in more traditional rooms, or in rooms with an eco-chic decor, ensuring your comfort in any of them.
The Literary Restaurant delivers you a postcard made of gastronomic legacies. A journey into our lands, a tour to our shores, paying homage to the portuguese ancient cooking traditions. You will also have access to a new tasting concept at The Literary Man – Óbidos Hotel. A renovated space with live cooking at Japanese Kamado. Fish or meat, Grill, smoked or simply raw, choose according to your preference and watch how it all happens.”

Let the literature do what it does best and let it transfer you to another world on its stories. This hotel will envolve you in a milion diferent tales while providing you with great service. Make the most of your stay here by enjoying the facilities this place has to offer you.



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