“Inspired by nature and designed for your comfort.
As a beach design resort, Saccharum’s contemporary decoration was idealized by the renowned interior designer Nini Andrade Silva, together with the modern and innovative RH+ architecture studio, a using the sugar cane as its main inspiration element.
If you are looking for a tranquility experience with independence, our rooms were designed for you. Here you can broaden your sense of tranquility with our most spacious suite or in one of our double rooms – either way you can breathe in and start your day in an elegantly designed room with a wide view of the ocean
A great meal can be a transcendental experience. As much as that satisfying snack or refreshment can be an incredible source of peace. Like you, our chefs, cooks and waiters at Saccharum feel the same about food and drinks – great ingredients make great food and great food makes you feel great.”

Let yourself be amazed by the beauty and atmosphere of Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa. Every detail was carefully thought to give you a pleasent stay. Enjoy the services and facilities the hotel provides and get envolved in this relaxing naturalist vibe.



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