“Distributed in 3 interconnected buildings, all 22 units have a very unique identity and story.
In order to pay a tribute to the Portuguese literature and to emphasize the cultural wealth and heritage of the city, to each of our units was assigned the name of a writer linked to Coimbra, to the University and to his literary “tertúlias*”.
From the poets to the novelists, from the classic authors to the post modernists, the main figures of the Portuguese writers and poets are in the Sapientia Boutique Hotel.”

Whether you are a literature lover or not, this hotel will make you fall in love with books. Discover all the gret services and facilities the hotel has to offer you, at the same time you let yourself go to another world through the amazing stories these portuguese famous poems and books will lead you in this amazing stay. There is no better fit for a stay at Coimbra, the “student city”.



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