“Since 2005, Quinta do Vallado can receive guests in it’s comfortable Wine Hotel. Initially opening the doors to the Traditional House, built in the 18th century and having once belonged to Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, it offers five recently renovated suites.
This project’s growing success led to the construction of a second building in 2012, made almost entirely of schist – the dominant stone in the region’s soil. This new 8-room building was designed by Architect Francisco Vieira de Campos, who was also in charge of the winery’s renovation project.
In 2005, Quinta do Vallado inaugurated the Wine Hotel in the Traditional House, characterized by its warm ochre colour and long gardens bordering the house.
The Traditional House’s rooms combine comfort with the Douro’s traditional and historic décor. All rooms have independent access through the garden.
The construction of the Modern Building, designed by Architect Francisco Vieira de Campos, was completed in 2012. The main material used for its construction was schist, the traditional stone of the region.
The Modern Building has eight rooms, each with a private balcony, decorated in a contemporary style in sober and modern lines.”

Though it may not be noticable at first, this is an ancient building that was re-designed and holds many years of history. The charm of the hotel will envolve you in a unique experience during your stay. Make sure to enjoy the services and facilities the hotel has to offer you.



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