“Welcome to Palacio Belmonte, Lisbon’s oldest and most storied palace. Palacio Belmonte was lovingly restored by Frederic Coustols and his wife Maria in 1994. From ruins to the highest standards of construction, The Coustols painstakingly incorporated traditional techniques to maintain the beauty and grandeur of the property’s original state.
It was during this first year that the Palacio became the scene of two acclaimed films, one by Wim Wenders, Lisbon Story. The second film titled Afira Pereira by Antonio Tabucchi. Which made full use of the holes in the roof and rain catching buckets to create a truly memorable scene.
Facing countless obstacles and seemingly insurmountable challenges. The Palacio was finally complete and the iconic large red doors were opened to the public in the year 2000.
Much more than a hotel, the Palacio is a guesthouse and sanctuary for the creative and inquisitive. A place to find peace within our magnificent city. High above the historic district of Alfama, Palacio Belmonte lies just beneath the famous Sao Jorge Castelo. For over 2000 years, Palacio Belmonte has shared a history with the castelo and has witnessed many of the most pivotal events of Lisbon’s storied past.
360 windows and 360º views, each view is a lense on the old world. Within our walls you’ll discover tranquil terraces, natural gardens, and peaceful patios. We welcome you to unlock your own experience; timeless, unforgettable and entirely your own.”

Find out the magic of staying at Palácio de Belmonte. You will feel truly connected with our history and traditions as you enjoy its services and facilities, after a long day exploring the city.



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