“Luz Houses is the result of a sweet love and the desire to build a special and unique place! Here every house has a story, each tree keeps a secret and every stone invites us to get lost where the past, present and future play with each other in harmony. Inspired by the traditional architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the small village is hidden in a mystical forest where, on clear nights, we can hear the echo of the songs of Fátima’s Shrine.
Here we stroll unhurriedly, on meditative and leisurely walks, we return to the pasture and we play marbles and the spinning top. On the walls we look for messages and, in the middle of the garden, we find a small cave that awarens our sences. The return to our origins, the whisper of the leaves kissed by the wind and the secrets so well kept, make this unique heaven the perfect place to find balance between body, mind and soul.”

Balanced between comfort and nature, the Luz Charming Houses is the place for you to relax as you enjoy its property and all the services and facilities especially thought to give you a great experience.




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