“Staying at Furnas Lake Forest Living is like coming back to your roots, to our origins, but in a modern, present day context. We became known around the world by the high modern standards while respecting and restoring nature.
Furnas Lake Villas was built by our architect brother-in-law, Fernando Monteiro, and set in the mystical volcanic Furnas basin;
The modern villas are made from locally grown Japanese cedar wood, the trees having been introduced to the islands 200 years ago. Inspired by local rustic granaries, which were purposely raised above the humid ground, the rectangularly shaped villas are set on a series of low concrete pillars above a cooling, reflective pond.”

Furnas Lake Forest Living will be the perfect place to relax at the end of the day exploring this Portuguese paradise. Take advantage of the luxurious facilities and services that the villages have to provide.


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