People want to travel better, on a deeper emotional and personal level. Nowadays it is not about buying that tourism package that will take you to a destination on an “all-inclusive” basis, with everything planned for the masses and not based on your personal needs and expectations towards the destination.

It’s all about Experiential Travel!

At Offbeat Portugal this is our main focus and it is what we offer to everyone who decides to give us the pleasure of planning their trip to our country: bespoke travel services focused on authentic and exclusive experiences. It is about experiencing a destination by really connecting to its history, people and culture, in truthfully authentic ways.

Due to our team’s knowledge about the destination and our personal connections, we are able to offer you not only this, but also those off the beaten track locations, hotels, restaurants and activities that will result in a bespoke itinerary, specifically designed for you and that will take your breath away. This is our essence and what we believe will make your experience in Portugal one that you will cherish forever.



Luxury Travel

Luxury travel is maybe one of the most overused declarations in the travel industry. For us, the true meaning of this expression is intimately related to something precious, rare and most important, with emotional value. All you have to do is tell us what you want and we will put everything together to make sure your experience in Portugal will be taken to the next level. Whether you are looking for a secret hideaway at a remote location or a see-and-be-seen kind of holidays, we are here to make sure you are offered the best hotels, restaurants, activities and, most important, insider access to unique experiences.

Concierge Services

Our team is available 24/7 to assist you with any last-minute requests you may have. If you need tickets to an exclusive opera concert, theatre or sporting event, we are here to get these for you. From reservations at Michelin-starred restaurants to luxury villa rentals and superyachts, our luxury concierge services are meant to help you enjoy the best of what Portugal has to offer. We will be pleased to work on full bespoke itineraries or bits and pieces of an overall trip, you name it and we will plan it for you, guiding you along the way. This can all be done in advance or on the spot, according to your needs.


Love is something that we, as Portuguese, take really seriously. Celebrate your union in Portugal, whether you are a newlywed or just looking for the perfect way to renew the vows with the one you love. From secluded white-sand beaches to breath-taking Palaces, idyllic vineyards and romantic hotels, this is the right country for romance. We believe there aren’t many travel experiences as important as your honeymoon, so we will ensure everything runs smoothly and as planned, full of singular romantic and unique moments that we want you to cherish forever. Let us celebrate love with you.


Despite being a small country, Portugal has it all when it comes to adventure holidays. With an extensive coast that goes from North to South, water sports are a big part of who we are. An example of this is Nazaré, where we have the biggest wave in the world… But don’t worry, there are easier waves to surf in other parts of the country as well. Our inland landscapes are also a great asset for special hikes, biking and 4×4 adrenaline experiences. The icing on this adventurous cake is, of course, the Azores, the ultimate haven for those seeking adventure, which we know like the palm of our hands and are ready to share with you.

Family Holidays

Travelling with your family is becoming really popular due to the hectic pace of our current lives. As Southern Europeans, we value our families a lot and we know how to spend time with them in the true sense of the word and this is what we want to share with you. From that 5-bedroom luxury villa by the ocean, to that private Portuguese village turned into a hotel, family-appropriate accommodation is something you will find from North to South. To compliment this, there is a wide variety of activities that all ages can enjoy in order to connect, share experiences and build longstanding memories that they will treasure forever.

Health & Wellbeing

For those who put their health and well-being at the very center of their travel experience, Portugal is a great destination. Healthy food, exercise, spa treatments and lots of opportunities to explore or expand your spirituality and creativity await you here. A myriad of luxury wellness resorts and hotels are available throughout the country, which can be easily combined with off the beaten track and genuine activities that will allow you to find that coveted balance you seek. Forget your old “spa vacations” and let us plan that extraordinary trip that will allow you to truly expand your physical, spiritual and cultural horizons.


We’ve just returned home after a 1-week Gastronomic Tour of Portugal organized by Offbeat Portugal. All we can say is THANK YOU! This has been by far the most delicious week of our life, with lots of special moments, like blending our own wine at a private wine estate outside Lisbon!

Thomas C., San Francisco, USA

Our trip was outstanding! We have been to Portugal before and we thought we knew it very well, but we couldn’t be more deceived. Offbeat showed us a completely different side of this country that we both love, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the job they’ve done!

Kelly S., Los Angeles, CA, USA

I’ve missed my connecting flight and decided to stay in Lisbon for the weekend but had nothing planned. A call to Offbeat Portugal was enough to discover Portugal’s capital in the coolest way in the next couple of days! Thank you for putting everything together in such a short notice.

Natasha F., Oslo, Denmark




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