“Dá Licença embraces three hundred acres and magnificent hills, including more than thirteen thousand olive trees, emerging on pure, white and pink marble rocks. The location is unique, with its wonderful 360º view into the Serra d’Ossa forest and into the beautiful castles of Evoramonte and Estremoz, in medieval and Manueline style. Recognising that this stunning heritage is vanishing little by little, the owners recorded everything they saw created by this population of artists and craftsmen. This is a civilisation where every single thing must be perfect, where every single basket is a unique creation, every pot a work of art.”

Located within a short 5-minute drive from the small city of Estremoz, you’ll find this oasis of tranquility. Along with this peacefulness, the property presents to its guests an amazing art-oriented atmosphere, which you can feel even in the smallest details. This is due to the owners personal pasts, since one of them used to be a Textile Director for the prestigious fashion brand Hermès, while the other used to be an actor, trapeze artist and used to own an art gallery in Paris. You’ll get to learn more about their exciting lives, since both of them will personally welcome you at Dá Licença. The level of service is very attentive and personalized, yet discreet. With 5 luxurious Suites and 4 bedrooms, this is an adults-only property, great for couples, especially honeymooners. This boutique hotel is different from everything you’ve ever seen and we can assure you that you’ll love it.


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