“Steeped in history, Lisbon is an increasingly cosmopolitan ancestral city. Set on seven hills on the banks of the Tagus River , it enchants those who know it. Land of navigators and conquerors, the Portuguese capital is a window into a world of historical discoveries that merge into a contemporary experience.
It is at this intersection of worlds that you will find the Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel , in Largo do Corpo Santo, in the historic district of Cais do Sodré , a noble area of the city, where day and night life are constantly boiling.
The 5-star hotel was created to share this cultural richness in a welcoming atmosphere of discreet luxury, complemented by excellent service, where past and present live in perfect harmony.”

At Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel, you will feel connected to Lisbon in the most historic way. Its location has an amazing past and a present new meaning of life, never forgetting the origins. Make the most of your stay by enjoying the services and facilities at the hotel and the surrounding area always filled with life.



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