“Impressive conversion of a ruin into a modern construction.
The 2 houses are minimal and inviting at the same time. The rural surroundings and the proximity to the many attractions of the algarve make the villas a perfect destination for a holiday with family or friends.

Casa luum offers 4 double bedrooms for maximum 6 guests
Once an old ruin at the end of a dirt road, this stunning villa is completely encompassed by nature, nestled among hundreds of olive, almond and cork trees.
Designed by pedro domingos arquitectos, the same architect as our sister house casa agostos,
The modern architecture is dominated by strong lines, white walls and concrete, creating a bold effect in the natural environment.”

CasaLuum has a modern desing but you can still feel the history in its walls. The house provides you with a great service and facilities in a relaxed location. Make the most of your stay in Algarve, by combining this region with a unique accomodation.



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