“Casas do Côro is an appeal of granite, to the measure of the coziness Beirão. They have the story of the small gestures made of strength and the final peace of days, when a tired hat was drawn at the end of the read. Dialogue of stones, which lasts like man, here the history of small and great deeds persists, while the gazes deciphers our memory.SPA Casas do Côro distinguishes itself by its surroundings, where one feels the reception of an intact and pure nature. Modernly equipped, the Casas do Côro SPA offers you face and body treatments in a holistic and multisensorial approach. Our concept is based on five pillars that we consider essential for the well-being: Beauty, Harmony, Nature, Comfort and Nutrition. The result is a space where the tensions of daily life dissolve.
We have the warmth of days and nights, all the time in the world, the lightness and simplicity of the gestures, space to celebrate, to run…, infinite horizons, tradition, pleasure, well-being and everything you though no longer exists!”

For an authentic northern portuguese experience combined with a luxurious accomodation, Casas do Côro will win your heart. Enjoy the breathtaking views, the services and all the facilities the hotel has to offer, as you relax after exploring the region.



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