“Our door is always open to welcome those who arrive with the same joy with which we would run to our grandparents arms when we were little. Our grandfather, an “old sea dog”, Joaquim Modesto de Brito, known to all as “the champ”, was the foundation of this project.
So many memories inhabit these walls and grounds that we, the grandchildren, couldn’t allow them to get lost. This is how Casa Modesta was born, combining rural tourism with a contemporary feel, manifested in nine rooms with private patios.
There is also a garden with a section for organically grown vegetables and a solarium where time flows with the tides.”

Casa modesta is an amazing house with a family history you can just imagine as you walk through it and feel the calmness of the area where it is located. A reserved place for you to relax yet not so far from the great wonders of Algarve such as the famous “Ria Formosa”.



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