“The only five-star hotel in the Serra da Estrela region and the only one with a panoramic view over the Glacier Valley. Conceived in 1940 by the architect Rogério de Azevedo, reborn now with a new life turned into the beauty of the landscape. The hotel has burel as one of the main focus-points, pays homage to Maria Keil’s beautiful artwork in the interior, while providing space to the contemporaneity of portuguese designers, and introducing the comfort of a Mountain SPA where the pure air of the high-altitude and the beauty of the panorama are fundamental blessings.
A breathtaking scenery that feels like walking slowly, exploring time at your own pace, discovering winding paths, boulders, cliffs, viewpoints, rivers, lagoons, river beaches, herds and shepherds who have been driving the sheep for hundreds of years. Run the mountains, the plateaus, the valleys, sweep them with the view that extends through the jagged cuttings, unravel the myths of the emblematic places.”

If you wish to have a luxurious experience during your stay at Serra da Estrela, Casa de São Lourenço will for sure provide you the best services. This historic building is ready to answer all your needs. Your only worry will be to absorb all amazing things this surrounding area has for you to explore.



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