“Casa Azimute wants to be a house where guests can feel at home. The whole house creates this ‘casa’ experience. From the hill on which Casa Azimute is built, there are beautiful views of the historic city of Estremoz and its beautiful surroundings.
“Azimute” is derived from Arabic and means “road”, “direction”, “point on the horizon”. It is often used in astronomy and is also in place in this “dark skies” star region.
Casa Azimute departs from a traditional “Monte” to result in a sleek, contemporary building designed as a window to the beautiful surroundings. There is a lot of attention paid to the embedding of contemporary style in the historical context, making the whole a warm place.”

Simple yet comforting, Casa Azimute is ready to receive you. As calm as the Alentejo region, enjoy the facilities and the great service prepared for you to have a great stay.



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