“It is in this noble zone of the city, with a strong influence of the Royal House, the Court and its Palaces, that, thanks to a deep rehabilitation work, a building once abandoned and advanced state of decay is returned to Lisbon, which, in memory of this history , receives the name of Building of the Court.
The Edífico da Corte, although equipped according to the best standards of comfort and modernity, was inspired by the history of the Court and the Royal Palaces, to recreate decorative notes that refer to other times. The signatures and coats of the Kings and Queens that give name to the apartments are present in each one of them.
The chandeliers that enrich their ceilings, from the moment the imposing chandelier of the Hall – the chandelier of the Court – are contemporary recreations of the fausto of other times.”

The 3 buildings that compose Almaria Apartments are distributed around Lisbon, all perfectly located. Each buildign has its own history and fits just right into the city’s style. Explore the city as you enjoy the service and facilities this accommodation has to offer you.


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