“The AlmaLusa Baixa / Chiado, with 28 rooms, is located in one of the most emblematic squares of Lisbon – Praça do Município. The Hotel is imbued with the spirit of the city and a charming, informal atmosphere that fits our boutique nature.
Much more than just accommodation, the AlmaLusa Baixa / Chiado is a place that’s alive with Portuguese culture. We use local and national brands throughout the hotel, to provide a unique flavour to your stay.
You can taste the best of Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine at our Delfina – open every day. When you’ve ready to venture further, just call on our dedicated Concierge Service, ready to help you explore Lisbon.”

AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado is the place to stay if you are looking for the most typical and traditional portuguese experience. This small boutique hotel has such attention to detail that the environment will warm your stay and embrace you on this lisboet adventure.



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